ISOMIC™ is guaranteed to capture your voice like never before!

Thanks to the revolutionary patented Triangular Capsule, a jaw-dropping frequency range of 7 Hz – 87 000 Hz is made possible.

ISOMIC™ is tailored for voice recording within the ISOVOX® Vocal Booth and delivers a radio ready sound.

The triangular capsule also features a 3x faster membrane recovery movement than a circular, and is therefore able to pick up transients that otherwise would be left unheard.

The sound can be described as rich, deep and crystal clear, perfect for the modern Voice Over Artist & Vocalist.

ISOMIC™ has an extremely low noise level

<7 dB (A), making audio editing easier than ever.

Less time removing noise, more time getting the job done. To ensure pop-free recordings, ISOMIC™ utilizes double pop-removal zones, this includes ISOPOP™ and a direct integrated filter.

We are proud to present the ISOVOX® solution. Pro Studio Sound, Guaranteed.

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Triangular Ehrlund Capsule

  •  Incredible details thanks to over 3X faster membrane recovery movement than a circular.
  • Xtreme frequency range: 7 Hz – 87.000 Hz
  • Patented Triangular Ehrlund Capsule


Technical specifications

Type: Condenser microphone
Membrane type: Triangular
Pickup pattern: Cardioid
Frequency range: 7 Hz – 87 000 Hz
Sensitivity at 1kHz: -33 dBV/Pa (23 mV/Pa)
Impedance: Handles all impedances without altering the frequency response
Equivalent noise level: < 7 dBA
Signal-to-noise: 87 dBA
Dynamic range: 115 dB
Max SPL (peak): 0.5% THD 116 dB 1% THD 122 dB
Power supply: 48 V
Current consumption: 2.0 mA
Connector: XLR 3-pin
Materials: Aluminium body
Finish: Glass bead blasting
Dimensions: Ø55 mm x 135 mm
Weight: 206 grams
Country of Origin: Sweden 

The perfect match

  • Radio Ready Sound, just add compression!

  • Made for the ISOVOX® Vocal Booth

  • Extremely low self noise < 7 dB (A), so you can focus on your voice and not the noise… 

  • 2x Pop-Removal Zones for pop-free recordings

  • Easy-on-the-eyes-design, so your eyes can focus on the script instead of the gear…

  • Specially designed for Voice Over Artists & Vocalists 

  • Made in Sweden


ISOMIC™, CloudMount™ & ISOPOP™ placed in a beautiful and protective packaging.

Q & A

Why should you buy ISOMIC™ instead of another microphone?

Since the acoustics of the ISOVOX® Vocal Booth colorize the sound that’s being
picked up by the microphone, we wanted to match it with a microphone that has the right
”character”. Sometimes when you add wine to the wrong cheese it’s a mis-match.
We designed ISOMIC™ to be the perfect match for the ISOVOX® Vocal Booth, so you can
focus on your voice instead of tweaking eq’s.

What’s the thing with the triangular capsule?

The short answer: It’s better. It captures your voice in a much more natural way than a
capsule is capable of.

The long answer: Thanks to over *3x faster recovery movement than a circular, it will minimizeit’s
own self coloration and therefore result in a much more detailed and accurate sound recording.
This patented technology enables
the jaw-dropping frequency range of 7 Hz – 87 000 Hz.

Humans only can hear up to 20 000 Hz, so why should ISOMIC™’s extreme frequency range matter to me?

The answer lies within the overtones that shape the behavior of the membrane…
A transient creates overtones that are multiplied by several times it’s nominal frequency.
A triangular membrane can capture those frequencies while minimizing it’s own resonance
by over 3x compared to a circular. This results in a much more accurate and detailed sound
recording, with minimized membrane coloration.

Can I only use ISOMIC™ to record voice or can I record instruments?

You can use this microphone to record anything, but it’s not mainly designed for that.

Does it work with all kinds of voices?

Yes. Thanks to ISOMIC™’s technology, it is suitable for all types of voices. No matter
if you have a high pitched voice or a bass-heavy voice, ISOMIC™ will deliver a frequency
balanced and rich sound, without harsh sibilance or undefined bass.

How does ISOMIC™ respond to my voice when speaking on-axis vs off-axis?

ISOMIC™ captures your voice widely and stays true-to-source even if you are
moving or making expressions while performing. This is also a benefit given from the
triangular capsule.

Can ISOMIC™ handle everything from a whisper to a scream, without having me to adjust the gain level?

Yes, it is designed to withstand everything from a gentle whisper to
the loudest roar, in the same take.

What’s Included?

ISOMIC™ (Microphone), ISOPOP™ (Pop-Filter), CloudMount™ (Shockmount).

Sound samples