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We proudly present

The New IsoVox 2 Home Vocal Booth

There are 2 main reasons why people love the ISOVOX 2.

First, you get Amazing Vocal Sound.

Sound that’s Crystal Clear
from bad room sound
Vocals that fits in the Mix

Second, you can sing without Disturbing your Neighbours!

Ever wanted to sing at home but couldn’t because of neighbors or family members?
ISOVOX 2 let’s you finally sing, without the discomfort of disturbing your surroundings.

Sing, Without Disturbing your neighbours
Don’t get Disturbed by outside noise
Deliver Great Vocal Performances

Some of Our Users.


(25+ Million Records Sold)

“The reason that I love the ISOVOX so much is that it opens up a whole new way of recording for
me.  Irrespective of whether you may be a situation on vacation where you’re in a room and it’s got lots of reflections, or a
room that is perhaps not ideal for recording vocals – you can now create your own environment
with the ISOVOX and it’s just a game changer and it was the missing piece in location recording
for me. The vocals was the last bit and now with ISOVOX you can create your own isolation and literally record anywhere
which is how I’ve made all my albums therefore I can’t recommend it enough.”

Tony Kakko

(Sonata Arctica)

If you’re recording vocals at home studio or if your studio could just use a better vocal booth, look no further! It could not get any simpler than the new, highly portable Isovox2 -vocal booth! It totally clears off all the “room sound” and other such undesired elements from your vocal recordings. The difference it made to my recording environment is immense! It’s easy to put together AND apart again when you don’t need it, does not take much room when stored and in use, it does not require huge space either. Suits my needs 100%. Highly recommended! I’m very happy with it.

Lucas (Luke) Pimentel

(Warner Bros | Sony | Universal)

It’s not often that I come across a product that makes me feel this confident to make a public endorsement. The @isovox is one of those products. The ISO BOX booth @thenammshow is definitely a spot you should stop by and I if you’re attending the show this year, I hope we can meet up and talk about this great useful tool that turns any room into a perfect vocal iso booth. Whether you’re recording at home or on the go, this is the final solution to what you’ve been looking for. Cheers!

Removes unwanted room sound

Without ISOVOX 2.

With ISOVOX 2 Vocal Booth

An example of the Sound Reduction.

Up to -35 dB in Sound Reduction, depending on voice type, strength & volume while singing.

Spill-sound compares to normal speaking volume

Quiet Voice-Sessions


Volume when singing in a living room.

With ISOVOX 2.

Volume in the living room while singing inside the ISOVOX 2.

Record Anytime, Anywhere.

We designed ISOVOX 2 just for you.
We know that inspiration can strike anytime at the day.
For many people, that time is often later in the evening. We get it! You get home, cook some dinner, do some cleaning, watch your kid’s favorite tv-program etc…  and then you’re exhausted!

Therefore, we wanted to give you something that instantly set’s you up in the right mood, creates the “feeling” and most importantly, gives you the right sound.


Reflection Screen



Isolation Room

Pro Studio

Studio-Grade Recording Acoustics

Quiet Vocal Practice

High Noise Reduction (i.e., Traffic, Fans, etc.)

Removes Boxy Sound

Movement and Space when recording

Transportation and Portability

Easy to work with








Familiarize yourself with the ISOVOX 2.

Do you want to take Your Vocals to the Next Level?

Frequently asked questions

Is it soundproof? 2018-03-16T08:13:56+00:00

ISOVOX 2 will massively reduce the volume, but it’s not soundproof. Spill sound will be heard.


Can I hear myself inside? 2018-03-16T08:13:20+00:00

Yes, very clearly but with reduced volume.
The materials used in ISOVOX 2 are engineered not only to reduce the volume, it’s also made to maintain and enhance important vocal details that usually get’s lost when absorbing sound. Inside ISOVOX 2, there is advanced combinations of materials adapted to fit the vocal-range frequenzies perfectly. This creates a full bodied, crystal clear representation of your voice. This will revolutionize your vocal practice and you will hear details you may never heard before.

What’s the dimensions? 2018-03-16T08:12:10+00:00

LBH: 800 x 490 x 480 mm, weight: 11kg​

There is plenty of space to move around thank’s to the extended and wide body cut-outs.
You can move your entire body when using the ISOVOX 2.

What does it mount on? 2018-03-16T08:11:35+00:00

ISOVOX 2 mounts on a floor stand that’s height adjustable for persons up to 1.95  m.
The floor stand is foldable and can easily be carried with the ISOVOX 2.

Can I use my shockmount? 2018-03-16T08:10:59+00:00
Yes, it can attach to the integrated 5/8″ Mic Pole.
If you are unsure about a specific microphone / shockmount, send us an email and we will give our advice.
Will my microphone be compatible? 2018-03-07T14:27:13+00:00
Most common Studio Condenser Microphones is tested for use with ISOVOX 2.
Pretty much all of the metal-tube shaped microphones will fit with our included universal microphone mount or with their included shockmount.See list below of most common microphones that will work:
– Rode NT-1 (and all NT models)
– Audio Technica AT-Series
– Shure KSM Series
– SE Electronics SeX1
– Shure PG-Series
– Avantone CK-6 & 7
– Blue Yeti
– Blue Bluebird
– AKG C-Series & P-Series
– Shure SM7B
– Aston Spirit
– Aston Origin

– Warm Audio (All current microphones)

– Neumann TLM Series
– Neumann U47, U87
– Neumann M149
– Neumann BCM
– Telefunken M82, CU29, U47
– Manley Reference
– Brauner Phantera, Phantom, Valvet
– SE Electronics RNT & T2
– SE 4400
– SE Z5600
– Röde Classic II
– Ehrlund M & T

– Golden Age GA47

Digital Mics:
– Slate VMS
– Antelope Edge
– Townsend Labs Sphere
– Sennheiser MK4
– IK Multimedia iRig Mic Studio

– Apogee Mic

If your microphone is not listed, please e-mail at and we will check compability 🙂

Do you want to take Your Vocals to the Next Level?
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