How hard can it be to build your own vocal booth?

So there you are. You want to practice and record your voice and get a pro studio quality result.However, your home is anything but made for it. Thin walls, noisy ventilation, screaming neighbours, family members who make a racket, outside traffic, no spare room to turn into a fully treated home studio, landlord doesn’t allow you to or you simply don’t want to because you are moving out in a few months. The list goes on and on.So you start thinking about building your own vocal booth. How hard can it be? A cardboard box with some foam will do the trick. Right? 

What if I told you that actually…you don’t want to build your own vocal booth…and neither did I.Especially when it ends up like this:

Some things you simply shouldn’t do yourself. Hear me out.

DIY Solutions are a great start if you don’t want to spend your hard earned cash on something you don’t know if you will stick with. But once you do know that you want to keep singing and recording you know that you want the real thing. At least I do.I tried so many DIY solutions that I lost count. Cardboard boxes, egg creates, blankets, closets, pillow castles and so on. I kept telling myself that my DIY solution was “good enough” but it wasn’t. It didn’t feel or sound as good as I really wanted it to and I had to accept the harsh truth.Most of the so-called DIY “Solutions” aren’t an actual solution. They might solve one thing in an “okay…but not really” way but a bunch of new problems occur.

  • Even if the recording sounds better than before it is still not good enough.
  • You compromise your performance because you feel uncomfortable with people hearing you.
  • You tell yourself that you will fix it in post and end up spending hours trying to save a bad recording rather than having fun elevating it. The end result…still not as good as if you had a great recording from the start.
  • Your are still disturbing your family and neighbours
  • You don’t want to travel with your DIYt because it is either too fragile (Cardboardbox) or to clunky (Made out of wooden boards) and to be honest. It doesn’t even look good.
  • Since there is no fun working with it you just end up not using it at all and you are forced to realize that you get what you pay for.

And once again, the list goes on.It is at this moment you should ask yourself the same question I did.Are you ready for the next step in your recording workflow?Are you ready to do what it takes to get the quality your recordings deserve? Are you ready for The ISOVOX 2?

ISOVOX 2 + GO - Christmas Offer!  ISOVOX

In a nutshell the ISOVOX 2 is the world’s first, portable singing studio that allows you to practice singing, without disturbing your neighbors or them disturbing you.It allows you to record your voice with professional quality in your own home whenever creativity strikes, without having to soundproof/treat your entire room.How come there are so many choices when it comes to gear for drummers, guitarists and pianists etc but for singers the options are very limited?Singers are often expected to give their best performance whilst standing hidden inside a dark closet, sweating like crazy. It’s time that the singers, voice over artists, audio book readers, etc got the gear they deserve.With the ISOVOX 2 we set out on a mission to give anyone who wants to get pro studio recordings the best possible recording booth and recording quality in a portable format.

Made with pure love and passion by musicians, for musicians.

ISOVOX 2 - New Year's Offer!  ISOVOX


  • Pro Studio Sound at home
  • Sing without disturbing your neighbors
  • No need to soundproof a studio!
  • Eliminates unwanted room sound
  • Portable
  • Premium scandinavian design

Stepping into an ISOVOX 2 for the first time is like entering a luxury car.It’s a premium product made out of top notch materials, delivers what it promises to do and is made in a fair way.  It even smells nice.I was 13 years old when I first held an American Fender Stratocaster.  I knew that this was the real deal. I could feel it in my hands as I held it.It took me 2 years of hard work to be able to afford it but I still have it today and it was worth every single penny.I also worked hard to afford my camera, my computer and my car. The point is I save up for the things I really want to treat myself with and you should too..We all have different lives and opportunities but in the end it comes down to a few things.What do you want to do?What quality do you want?Are you willing to invest and take yourself to the next level?Can you afford it now or is this something you’ll have to save up to?


If you want to:

  •  Practise and record your voice and get a radio ready recording no matter if you are in an untreated, crappy room at home, hotell or even outside.
  • Not have to deal with your surroundings disturbing you or you distributing it/them.
  • Being able to take everything with you in a travel case…well.

Then the ISOVOX SOLUTION is the choice for you. Because most of the time your DIY “solution” is more of a problem than a solution.

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