Portable Vocal Booth

Record with pro studio acoustics. Sing without disturbing your neighbors.

Portable Vocal Booth ISOVOX 2 White Sing Without Disturbing Your NeighboursPortable Vocal Booth ISOVOX 2 White Sing Without Disturbing Your Neighbours

Layered Acoustic Materials

The ISOVOX 2 is built with a 4 layered patented material solution that achieves 360-XYZ pro acoustics.


ISOVOX 2 is a portable vocal booth which is easy to assemble/disassemble with it's zip lock and velcro. Bring it with you anywhere!

Accessories included

Comes with a mic holder and a led light. Additional accessories are available, see our store for more info.


More effective than reflection shields

5 min

To set up the booth from scratch


More effective than reflection shields

5 min

To set up the booth from scratch

One of the best purchase I ever made. Worth every penny and then some. 🙏🏾🙌

Olaf Blackwood 

Awarded best product at the show and for a promising future in the Music Business Industry.

NAMM 2017 Awards

Just got mine yesterday and holy! This will make you a better singer, LOVE IT!

Erik Massone

Why Use A Portable Vocal Booth?

Do you want to fulfill your dreams and become a better singer, voice over artist or audio book reader? ISOVOX 2 Portable Vocal Booth can help you achieve better recordings, better practice and a lot of fun working at home. No need to acoustic treat your room.

  • Record with pro studio sound from home
  • Sing without disturbing your neighbors
  • Eliminate unwanted acoustics and sound from your room
  • Get a consistent dry sound that is easy to mix in production
Girl standing inside a Portable Vocal Booth Isovox 2 White Recording Vocals
Portable Vocal Booth Video Showcase ISOVOX 2

The Story Of ISOVOX 2

360 XYZ Pro Acoustic 

There is some kind of magic with the ISOVOX Sound®. This is something we spent years of developing by testing different acoustic materials in combinations you won’t imagine. The result is something we are very proud of.

Portable & Quick Setup

  • Easy & Fast Zipper Assembly
  • Setup ISOVOX 2 Vocal Booth in 3 minutes
  • Bring it wherever you want


Hear what the ISOVOX 2 Portable vocal booth sounds like in action. All the recordings are recorded with the ISOVOX 2 Vocal Booth and no additional acoustic solutions.

Portable Vocal Booth Soundsample & Sound Comparison & Demo

ISOVOX 2 Soundsamples


Vocal Booth Comparison

See how ISOVOX 2 vocal booth stack up against alternatives




Studio-grade recording acoustics

Quiet vocal practice

Noise reduction (Traffic, Fans, etc.)




Removes boxy sound

Movement and space when recording

Transportation and Portability

Easy to work with





Artists Using Our Portable Vocal Booth


Irrespective of whether you may be on vacation where you’re in a room and it’s got lots of reflections, or a room that is perhaps not ideal for recording vocals – you can now create your own environment with the ISOVOX and it’s just a game changer and it was the missing piece in location recording for me.


Mixing engineer Luke Pimentel standing next to the ISOVOX 2 white portable vocal booth


It’s not often that I come across a product that makes me feel this confident to make a public endorsement. The @isovox is one of those products. Whether you’re recording at home or on the go, this is the final solution to what you’ve been looking for. Cheers!


Famous Youtuber Roomie Standing inside the ISOVOX 2 White portable vocal booth recording vocals


Clean vocal recordings is a must for me – but in my line of work, one day I might be recording in a treated studio, and another day in a hotel room. The Isovox 2 really shines when it comes to delivering great sounding recordings no matter where I am.It truly is a game changer!


What's included

Product specifications

NOTE: Microphone, iPad, Cables are NOT Included with the portable vocal booth bundle.


11kg (24 pounds)


83x51x37 cm (32x20x14.6 inches)


You can choose between tripod and round stand (included)

Mic stand

The ISOVOX 2 comes with a mic pole, nut, and a flexible mic holder


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