ISOPOP BroadCast
Pop Filter For SM7B

Innovative Pop Filter for Front Addressing Microphones. 

ISOPOP BroadCast Podcast microphone pop filter for Shure SM7BISOPOP BroadCast Podcast microphone pop filter for Shure SM7B

Interchangeable Filters

Each ISOPOP Includes 2x interchangeable and hygenic pro-filters. 

  • Neutral – Ultra transparent
  • De-Ess – softens harsh sibilance 

Shock Mount

  • Integrated shock mount ensures stability during use
  • Universally compatible with front-address microphones

Color options


Interchangeable filters


Color options


Interchangeable filters

Podcast Microphone Pop Filter

ISOPOP™ BroadCast, the premium pop filter designed to seamlessly attach directly to your Shure SM7B, Rode PodMic, EV RE20, or other podcast microphones. Transform your podcast and broadcast productions into a professional spectacle with enhanced visibility and exceptional sound quality. Say goodbye to conventional pop filters that obscure your face. Our Scandinavian minimalist design ensures a clear line of sight, allowing you to connect effortlessly with your audience.

  • Compact design for unobstructed face-to-face communication
  • Integrated shock mount ensures stability during use
  • Universally compatible with front-address microphones

About ISOPOP BroadCast

Enhanced Visual Experience

  • Improves video & sound quality
  • Ensures guests are always visible
  • Offers flexibility with camera angles
  • Better for videos and social media clips
  • Let's you connect better with your video audience

Washable & Hygienic Pop Filter

Making podcast sessions cleaner than ever:

showcasing a premium pop filter that is cleanable and hygenic

Pop Filter Comparison

Better Podcast Recordings

  • Eliminates plosives and pops from your recordings
  • Smoother audio for better listening experience
  • Professional sound
  • Saves time by minimising the need for editing

Interchangeable Pro Filters

Each purchase of a ISOPOP BroadCast Pop Filter includes the following:

  • Interchangeable Pro Filters
  • 1 Neutral
  • 1 De-Ess
Exchangeable pro filters with neutral and de-esser for a premium pop filter

Works With SM7B, Rode PodMic, RE20, and more...

ISOPOP Broadcast is carefully designed to seamlessly function with a wide variety of popular podcast and broadcast microphones. It's compatible with all front addressing microphones with a diameter between ⌀1,9 - 6 [cm]= ⌀0,75 - 2,36 [inch] and built to provide excellent performance across different models.

Why Get A Pop Filter For
Your Podcast Microphone

Podcast and broadcast microphones often claim to have built-in pop filters, but the reality is they fall short, letting pops disrupt even the most renowned shows. ISOPOP™ BroadCast addresses this issue head-on, providing a solution that ensures your recordings are as clear as they are captivating. For those seeking transparent sound, ISOPOP™ includes the Neutral Pro Filter. Additionally, we cater to voices and microphones with harsh treble or sibilance by offering the interchangeable De-Ess Pro Filter, delivering a softer sound while effectively eliminating pops. Both Pro Filters are easily cleanable and interchangeable, prioritising hygiene for you and your guests.

ISOPOP BroadCast Unboxing & Setup

What's included

Product specifications

Included pro filters

1 Neutral, 1 De-Esser


⌀7x10 [cm] = ⌀2.76x3.94 [inch]

Min & Max Microphone Diameter:

⌀1,9 - 6 [cm]= ⌀0,75 - 2,36 [inch]


34g = 0,075 lb = 1,2 oz

Made in


Designed in

Scandinavia, Sweden


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