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Professional Vocal Isolation Booth

Discover the perfect vocal booth for your home studio. Whether you need to isolation for your voiceovers or practice you vocals without disturbing your sourrounding. Our small recording booth fits in your living space and ensures professional quality recordings without disturbing your household. It is ideal for tight spaces and makes setup and transport easy.

Do you want to sing without disturbing your neighbors? Or record without unwanted room sound? Fulfill your dreams and become a better singer, music producer or audio book reader with ISOVOX. Our soundproof isolation box is perfect for singers in need of a soundproof singing box with great mic isolation. The ISOVOX solution provides a silent pro studio environment in any room, eliminating the need for additional acoustic treatment. Use it as a portable soundproof box for singing and vocal recording to achieve studio-quality sound at home or on the go.

We've specifically developed our recording solutions for:

  • Singers
  • Music studios
  • Voice Over Artists
  • Audio Book Recording artists

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Home Voice Over Booth

The ISOVOX portable vocal booth has been used by professionals and hobbyists all over the world. Many have transformed their spaces with our product. Its compact design makes an excellent mini vocal booth, fitting easily into smaller spaces or in your studio.


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Pop-Up Sound Booth for recordings on the Go

For those needing quick and flexible solutions, it can be set up as a pop up sound booth, perfect for on-the-go recording. This makes it perfect for traveling voice actors in need of a small portable sound isolation booth. ISOVOX vocal head booth provides mobility without compromising on sound quality by offering the ultimate isolation for critical recording needs.

Soundproof Singing Booth

Our product is designed to enhance your recording experience. Whether you are setting up a home recording studio booth or need a studio isolation booth, we have the right solution for you. Our product meets professional standards, making it an excellent isolation booth for both practice and recording. For musicians, it provides a flexible and high-quality recording environment, also functioning as a soundproof and portable sound studio. It is designed to meet the needs of serious audio professionals and hobbyists alike, ensuring a top-tier recording experience at home by providing high-quality sound isolation in any location.

Singer songwriter recording vocals at home with the ISOVOX 2 White portable vocal booth