Voice-Over Microphone

Capture your voice like never before!

ISOMIC Voice Over Microphone Transparent background HeroISOMIC Voice Over Microphone Transparent background Hero

Triangular Capsule

Incredible details thanks to over 3X faster membrane recovery movement than a circular.

Pop filter Included

Every purchase of ISOMIC also includes an ISOPOP™ (Pop-Filter) and CloudMount™ (Shockmount).

7-87,000 Hz

Making audio editing easier than ever.

3x faster

Membrane recovery movement

7-87,000 Hz

Making audio editing easier than ever.

3x faster

Membrane recovery movement

The Ultimate Voice Over Microphone

Capture Your Voice Like Never Before! Thanks to the revolutionary patented Triangular Capsule, a jaw-dropping frequency range of 7 Hz – 87 000 Hz is made possible. The ISOMIC™ voice over microphone is tailored for voice recording within the ISOVOX® Vocal Booth and delivers a radio ready sound.

The triangular capsule also features a 3x faster membrane recovery movement than a circular, and is therefore able to pick up transients that otherwise would be left unheard.

The sound can be described as rich, deep and crystal clear, perfect for the modern Voice Over Artist & Vocalist.

Collage of ISOMIC Voice over microphone
ISOMIC Voice over microphone packaging

Extremely Low Noise Level

<7 dB (A), making audio editing easier than ever.

Less time removing noise, more time getting the job done. To ensure pop-free recordings, ISOMIC™ voice over microphone utilizes double pop-removal zones, this includes ISOPOP™ and a direct integrated filter.

We are proud to present the ISOVOX® solution. Pro Studio Sound, Guaranteed.

Triangular Ehrlund Capsule

  • Incredible details thanks to over 3X faster membrane recovery movement than a circular.
  • Xtreme frequency range: 7 Hz – 87.000 Hz
  • Patented Triangular Ehrlund Capsule
ISOMIC Voice over microphone triangular capsule
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The Story Of ISOMIC

ISOMIC voice over microphone placed in the ISOVOX 2 Portable Vocal Booth

The Perfect Match

  • Radio Ready Sound, just add compression!
  • Made for the ISOVOX® Vocal Booth
  • Extremely low self noise < 7 dB (A), so you can focus on your voice and not the noise… 
  • 2x Pop-Removal Zones for pop-free recordings
  • Easy-on-the-eyes-design, so your eyes can focus on the script instead of the gear…
  • Specially designed for Voice Over Artists & Vocalists 
  • Made in Sweden

Voice Over Microphone Soundsamples

Hear what the ISOMIC sounds like in action.

Used by accomplished artists


Irrespective of whether you may be on vacation where you’re in a room and it’s got lots of reflections, or a room that is perhaps not ideal for recording vocals – you can now create your own environment with the ISOVOX and it’s just a game changer and it was the missing piece in location recording for me.


Mixing engineer Luke Pimentel standing next to the ISOVOX 2 white portable vocal booth


It’s not often that I come across a product that makes me feel this confident to make a public endorsement. The @isovox is one of those products. Whether you’re recording at home or on the go, this is the final solution to what you’ve been looking for. Cheers!


Famous Youtuber Roomie Standing inside the ISOVOX 2 White portable vocal booth recording vocals


Clean vocal recordings is a must for me – but in my line of work, one day I might be recording in a treated studio, and another day in a hotel room. The Isovox 2 really shines when it comes to delivering great sounding recordings no matter where I am.It truly is a game changer!


What's included

Product specifications

Learn more about the details of the ISOMIC Voice Over Microphone.


206 grams


Ø55 mm x 135 mm

Pickup pattern


Frequency range

7 Hz – 87 000 Hz

Sensitivity at 1kHz

-33 dBV/Pa (23 mV/Pa)


Handles all impedances without altering the frequency response


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