Portable vocal booth.
Record with studio acoustics.


Are you currently recording your vocals with bad acoustics? ISOVOX GO is here to help you get that dry studio sound acoustics from the comfort of your own home or whenever you’re on the go.

  • Acheive studio acoustics on the go
  • 3x* more effective removing room sound than Reflection Filters & Foam Balls
  • Carry-On & Lightweight
  • Foldable & comes with a Travel Case
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Improve your vocal recordings

ISOVOX Go is a Studio Vocal Booth that fits in a carry bag.
Giving the benefits of improved recording acoustics in an extremely portable format.
For those of you who have started recording and have tried reflection filters and foam-balls and want to take your voice recordings to the next level, ISOVOX Go is here to help.

Acoustics is derived from the massive success of ISOVOX 2, and effectively it removes room sound from your voice recording in a more natural way than before. The new material and contour design enables a dry, crisp, and clear sound with smooth frequency response.

Portable & QUick Setup

  • Easy & Fast Assembly
  • Setup ISOVOX GO Vocal Booth in 5 minutes
  • Includes a travel case


Hear what the ISOVOX GO sounds like in action. All the recordings are recorded with the ISOVOX GO and ISOMIC without any additional acoustic solutions or processing added.


ISOVOX GO is for the user whose main need is to get studio quality vocal recordings in a room with bad acoustics. All in an ultra portable format.

  • Users of ISOVOX Go will notice differences in sound isolation for surroundings and character compared to ISOVOX 2.  
  • ISOVOX Go, up to -10dB sound reduction for surroundings. Suitable for recording studio quality vocals. 
  • ISOVOX 2, up to -35dB sound reduction for surroundings. Suitable for pro studio recordings and loud vocal practice, without disturbing

Vocal Plugin Included

Exclusive offer, right now we’ll include an “ISOPLUG Go” with every purchase of an ISOVOX Go. The ISOPLUG Go is a vocal plugin to further enhance your recording on your computer with tools such as De-Esser, Dynamics, Tone & Reverb. ISOPLUG features a 1-Knob Design with powerful audio processing and settings.

Q & A

Frequently asked questions:

Yes, very clearly but with reduced volume.
ISOVOX Go is made to maintain and enhance important vocal details that usually get’s lost when absorbing sound. Inside ISOVOX Go there is advanced combinations of materials adapted to fit the vocal-range frequenzies perfectly. This creates a full bodied, crystal clear representation of your voice. This will revolutionize your vocal practice and you will hear details you may never heard before.

Yes of course. The portable vocal booth has a passive ventilation construction.

ISOVOX Go is mainly designed for improving voice recording acoustics and not for strong vocal practice.

Most common Studio Condenser Microphones is tested for use with ISOVOX GO portable vocal booth.
Pretty much all of the metal-tube shaped microphones will fit with our included universal microphone mount or with their included shockmount.See list below of most common microphones that will work:

  • AKG C Series and P Series
  • Antelope Edge
  • Apogee Mic
  • Aston Origin
  • Aston Spirit
  • Audio Technica AT Series
  • Audio Technica ATH 2020USB (all models)
  • Avantone CK-6 and 7
  • Blue Bluebird
  • Blue Yeti
  • Brauner Phantera, Phantom, Valvet
  • Ehrlund EHR-M and T
  • Golden Age GA47
  • IK Multimedia iRig Mic Studio
  • Lewitt LCT and DGT Series
  • Manley Reference
  • Microtech Gefell (all condenser models)
  • MXL (all models)
  • Neumann BCM
  • Neumann M149
  • Neumann TLM Series
  • Neumann U47 and U87
  • Peluso (all models)
  • RODE Classic II
  • RODE NT-1 (and all NT models)
  • RODE K2
  • sE Electronics RNT and T2
  • sE Electronics SeX1
  • sE Electronics Z5600
  • sE Electronics 4400
  • Sennheiser MK4 and MK8
  • Shure KSM Series
  • Shure PG-Series
  • Shure SM7B
  • Slate VMS
  • Sony C100
  • SOYUZ SU Series
  • Sterling Audio (all models)
  • Telefunken M82, CU29, and U47
  • Townsend Labs Sphere
  • Warm Audio (all models)

If your microphone is not listed, please e-mail at info@isovoxbooth.com and we will check compability ?

Yes, it can attach to the integrated 5/8? Mic Pole.
If you are unsure about a specific microphone / shockmount that can be used inside the portable vocal booth, send us an email and we will give our advice.

The top end of the mic pole inside ISOVOX GO is 5/8″ – 27. To mount an alternative mic mount such as shockmounts, mic-clips or similar you need a female 5/8″ -> Male 3/4″ adaptor, these can be found at music instrument stores.

Recommended adapter is: K&M 216 Thread adapter.

ISOVOX Go is mainly designed for improving voice recording acoustics and not for strong vocal practice. Users of ISOVOX Go will notice differences in sound character and in overall isolation compared to ISOVOX 2.

  • Studio Sound instead of Pro Studio Sound
  • You can not sing, without disturbing the environment
  • Isolates less room sound and less outside noises
  • Lightweight 15 lbs (Go) instead of 30 lbs (IVX 2)

Dimensions of cabin when setup: L68 x W48 x H44 [cm] ≈ L26.8 x W18.9 x H17.32 [Inch]
Min & Max position of Floor Stand: 83 [cm] – 165 [cm] ≈ 33 – 65 [inch]
The cabin adds +44 cm / +17.32 [inch] in height, so it is compatible with persons with a height of maximum 195 [cm] = 77 [inch]. If a person is longer, we recommend a seating position.
Or ISOVOX 2 that uses a PA-speaker stand which can extend longer.
Weight: 8 kg = 18 lbs (including the floor stand weight)

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NOTE: Microphone, iPad, Cables are NOT Included.

Bag: Travel bag is included with every purchase
Stand: Tripod stand is included with every purchase
Mic stand: The ISOVOX GO comes with a mic pole, nut, and a flexible mic holder
Plugin: ISOPLUG GO vocal & voiceover plugin is included with each purchase.

* 3x more effective according to RT60 measurements (measuring the time after the sound source ceases that it takes for the sound pressure level to reduce by 60 dB) taken in ISOVOX’s test facility when pitting ISOVOX Go against a generic reflection filter and foam ball.

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