ISOVOX GO - Vocal Recording Booth

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More Info about ISOVOX Go, probably the worlds most portable vocal recording booth. 

The ISOVOX Go manifestly redefines the traditional studio vocal booth set up - its exemplary compact design allows it to perfectly fit into a handy carry bag. It brings a promising revolution to audio recording technology by offering outstanding acoustic performance that conveniently enhances your sound quality. ISOVOX Go provides a solution ingeniously engineered for today's advanced audio recording needs, whether that's podcasts, voice-overs, or singing. For those who've initiated their recording journey and experimented with reflection filters and foam-balls, but are looking to advance their voice recordings a notch higher, ISOVOX Go is an excellent solution. This lightweight, ultra-portable booth serves as a formidable tool that takes your audio recording experience to impressive heights.

Acoustics is derived from the massive success of ISOVOX 2, and effectively it removes room sound from your voice recording. The new material and contour design enables a dry, crisp, and clear sound with smooth frequency response.
Use the included plugin ISOPLUG Go to further enhance your recording on your computer with tools such as De-Esser, Dynamics, Tone & Reverb. ISOPLUG features a 
1-Knob Design with powerful audio processing and settings.

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