ISOVOX 2 - White Vocal Booth

Sale price9 999 kr

Introducing the ISOVOX 2 Vocal Booth

The revolutionary portable vocal booth offering a multitude of impressive features. Unleash your singing ability without the concern of causing any disruption to your neighbors as this booth ensures minimal sound leak, allowing you to practice or record in any environment. What sets the ISOVOX 2 Vocal Booth apart is that it provides recording capabilities on par with professional studios and it's truly portable. With it, you have no need to soundproof an entire room, saving you time, effort, and most importantly, money. A testament to the innovation in the world of music technology, the ISOVOX 2 has 360 XYZ Studio Acoustics. This technology lets you record or practice vocals that are guaranteed to sound professional, providing the quality likened to an actual recording studio. A remarkable feature worth mentioning is that even a full-throttle shout inside the ISOVOX 2 is just equivalent to an ordinary speaking volume outside the booth. With the ISOVOX 2, you're essentially bringing the professional studio right into your home. Its compact and portable structure allows you to set up the studio-grade equipment in your own space, such as your bedroom. Deliver professional-grade vocal performance anytime, anywhere with the flawless functionality of the ISOVOX 2 Vocal Booth.

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