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  • Includes 2 interchangeable Pro-Filters
    1 Neutral - Ultra transparent sound while removing pops
    1 De-Ess - softens harsh sibilance & removes pops
    for an even smoother sound
  • Cleanable & Hygienic Pro Filters
  • Smaller diameter, does not block your view
  • Made in Sweden


ISOPOP Premium Pop Filter is designed to work with any type of microphone in every scenario and mounts directly to the microphone stand.
And…it fits perfectly inside your ISOVOX® 2 Vocal Booth.

Midnight: Exclusive Matte Black Color inspired by the darkest nights in Sweden.
Silver: Exclusive Matte Silver for the elegant and modern studio.
Brown (Is actually Bronze): Exclusive Bronze Color inspired by the earth. 

Color: Black
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