Spare Parts Box

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ISOVOX 2 Spare Parts Box

Enhance your ISOVOX 2 experience with our specially crafted Spare Parts Box, an invaluable add-on designed for those seeking versatility and flexibility in their recording setups. This comprehensive box includes all the essential components necessary for an additional setup, ensuring you're equipped for any recording scenario.

What's Inside:

  1. Led Light (incl. 3x AAA Batteries) Illuminate your recording space with the included LED light, providing optimal visibility during your sessions. The convenience of battery power ensures you're always ready to shine a spotlight on your creativity.

  2. Mic Pole Achieve the perfect microphone positioning with the included Mic Pole, offering extended reach and adaptability to suit your recording preferences. Experience enhanced flexibility in capturing the best audio quality for your projects.

  3. Nut The Spare Parts Box features a crucial nut, ensuring the stability and secure installation of your equipment. Keep your setup intact and reliable with this essential component.

  4. Mic Holder Benefit from an extra Mic Holder, providing the convenience of swapping between microphones effortlessly. Have a backup ready to go, or experiment with different mic options without the hassle of constant adjustments.


These spare parts are already included with your initial ISOVOX 2 purchase. However, the Spare Parts Box is ideal for users seeking an additional setup or those who may need replacements over time.

Why Choose the Spare Parts Box?

  • Convenience: Everything you need for an extra setup conveniently packaged in one box.

  • Versatility: Be prepared for various recording scenarios with additional components at your disposal.

  • Peace of Mind: Have spare parts on hand for quick replacements or explore new setup possibilities without disrupting your primary configuration.

Upgrade your recording capabilities with the ISOVOX 2 Spare Parts Box - because being prepared means staying in control of your creative journey.

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